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Hardware security module


HPE Atalla Hardware Security

Protect your organization and customers from financial fraud

Protect your business and its financial data with the HPE Atalla HSM (Network Security Processor). This secure, tamper-resistant hardware security module (HSM) for cryptographic processing solutions on automatic teller machine (ATM), electronic funds transfer (EFT), and point of sale (POS) networks delivers high-performing cryptography and key management capabilities for card payment authorization and real-time fraud prevention. And it meets critical financial services industry, PCI-DSS, and NIST standards for security and compliance. HPE Atalla HSM (NSP) provides unrivaled protection for Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) and other cryptographic keys when safeguarding value-based transactions. They are designed as the hardware security module complement to the Atalla Key Block, an industry-leading advanced key management solution.

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HPE Atalla HSM A10160

At 1060 PIN translates per second, when used with the Atalla Key Block, the A10160 HSM efficiently handles high-volume environments.

At 280 PIN translates per second, the A9160 HSM is a cost-effective solution for mid-level transaction environments

At 80 PIN translates per second, the A8160 HSM works well in low-volume transaction environments while still encompassing the same security and functionality of high-performing
HSM models.

Advanced key management solution using Atalla Key Block

Atalla Key Block is the advanced key management complement to the Atalla Ax160 HSMs and other Atalla HSM models. Leading financial industry independent software vendors (ISVs) have embraced Atalla Key Block. It has also been adopted as part of the industry-standard ANSI X9.24 Part 1-2009 Retail Financial Services Symmetric Key Management Part 1: Using Symmetric Techniques and ANSI X9.24 Part 2-2006 Retail Financial Services Symmetric Key Management Part 2: Using Asymmetric Techniques for Distribution of Symmetric Keys.​

Physical security​

-FIPS 140–2 Level 3 certification for physical security
-Rack-mountable (2U), physically fortified form factor
- Double-locking bezel with Medeco locks
- Penetration detection (protective grid)
- Out-of-range temperature and voltage detection
- Low-battery voltage detection
- PIN security and key management implemented within a tamper-resistant, tamper-responsivehardware security module perimeter for protection against manipulation

Logical security​

- Industry-standard Atalla Key Block key management technology
- Advanced security architecture that prevents retrieval of PINs, keys, and other sensitive data in cleartext form
- Automated and manual key management options
- Encrypted, convenient configuration, management, and key loading via HPE Atalla Secure Configuration Assistant (no cleartext passing of keys or key components)
- Remote ATM key initialization and rekeying via the optional Atalla Remote Key feature
- Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council PIN Transaction Security (PTS) approved device